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Desi Keri 100% pesticide and chemical-free, organically curated, and naturally ripened, our Alphonso and Kesar mangoes are sophistically grown and treated at our Global Gap Certified farms in Maharashtra and Gujarat. ​ Our mangoes are grown in lateritic soil rich in iron content, which results in our mangoes possessing an excellent texture and taste. Our meticulous farming practices ensure that our mangoes have a low fiber content and high density of mango pulp, a good blush on the cheek, and a golden-saffron colour upon natural ripening. When eaten, they provide an immaculate, unmatched taste. ​ Our Process: Eco-friendly, customer-centric: ​ Soil fertility and environment sustainability is our main priority. Our eco-friendly mangoes are chemical-free, grown with organic fertilizers imported from Australia, and are sorted, graded, and treated in government approved pack houses. Mangoes are harvested at 80-85% maturity. Our mango farms are Global Gap Certified and registered with APEDA (Export Promotional Council) under the Ministry of Commerce.
  • 2018-03-30T06:09:22

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